Hello again World! … and an Important Note

Hello World, I’m back!

After a few years away, I’m finally making paper sculptures again!

A lot of things happened (many beyond my control, but some that were avoidable in retrospect) leading up to my absence that kept me from being able to work on paper sculpting (and a lot happened after) – but I’m back now and sculpting full time again. One factor that I do have control over is that I got overwhelmed with orders. As such, I will not be accepting commissions/custom orders for the time being (and when I do start again, I will be doing it on a much more limited basis than before).

I am very much aware that I left many orders uncompleted and I am truly sorry for not fulfilling my part of these transactions. For those of you who never received your orders, I’ll be working to get a refund to you as soon as possible. I’ve started contacting people and sending the first refunds already – if you haven’t heard from me yet, please contact me at matthew@papermatthew.com as I may have lost your contact info!

Unfortunately, over the last few years I suffered a series of unrecoverable data losses.  The worst of these losses includes a huge number of emails and attachments, and all of my digital photos of previous sculptures that weren’t stored online. This includes all the higher resolutions files I printed my prints from – so none of my older work will be available as prints again.

Through all of this, there is a silver lining – it allows for a fresh start!

A part of this new beginning, I’ll be live streaming my work on Twitch.tv, so stop by to say hi and see how the rebuilding of my portfolio is coming along!

Here’s to New Beginnings!



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  1. GreatCrusader says: Reply

    Good Luck, Looking forward to your first stream. 👍

  2. Welcome back! Your work is amazing.

  3. Welcome back!! I just found your website as I was looking for more info on a piece of yours I am selling on eBay: ” ’09 Kitten in a Pocket #9″ Your work is amazing and now that I have found you, I look forward to seeing what other amazing pieces you come up with! Happy creating 💗

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