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Well… I’m back… again…

After another data loss and (near?) mental breakdown, I’m finally back!

As I tend to do sometimes, I fell into a bit of a “funk” and retreated from the world for a while – but I finally managed to get myself together and rebuild my website!

Unfortunately during my downtime I experienced another major data loss, including all my high resolution images I used to create my prints. So, for the time being I will not be offering prints. Over time I may add prints as I make new things, but for now I’m going to focus on originals and commission work.

I will be opening up commissions “soon”, so check back here or watch my socials (links above) for that announcement. I haven’t been active on social media for a while, and never really got the hang of it when I used it in the past, but I’ll be making an effort to keep updates flowing and share fun stuff!

My plan going forward is to post regularly on this blog, with new works and work in progress (WIP) updates and news. I may even get back to streaming the paper sculpting process on Twitch soon – we’ll see how things go for a while before making that decision.