If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at


For now, I will be accepting limited commissions – email me with what you’re looking to have made and I will work with you to find just the right size and level of details for your budget! Contact me at to discuss if interested!

That’s the basics, keep reading below for more specifics about the commission process.


Here are some general price ranges for commissions – pieces with more complexity/detail will fall toward the higher end of the range. These are rough estimates, actual price will vary depending on factors such as time (i.e., expect a premium for a “rush” job), level of detail, etc… Once we’ve agreed on all the job details, I will give a definitive price quote.

Art Card (2.5 x 3.5 inches) – ~$50-$150

5 x 7 inches – ~$125-$300

8 x 10 inches – ~$250-$500

11 x 14 inches – ~$300-$700

16 x 20 inches – ~$550-$1500


To get started, email me at with some basic details of what you’re looking for and what sort of budget you’re working with, and together we can figure out all the details and price for the piece. Once we’ve agreed on the size and details, I’ll take a non-refundable deposit (usually 50% of the final agreed upon price) and I’ll get started on whatever schedule we agreed on.

I’ll provide sketches for approval before starting the actual sculpture. Any changes to the piece should be finalized at this stage, as editing a paper sculpture is quite difficult, and incurs additional cost in labor and materials (if absolutely necessary, changes can be negotiated later – for an additional fee, paid in advance). After a sketch is approved, I’ll begin the paper sculpting process. Once the piece is finished, I’ll provide photos and invoice you for the remainder of the price, and then ship out your sculpture ASAP upon receipt of final payment!

For a general idea of how my process works from start to finish, check out this blog post or stop by my Twitch stream and say hi!


Your commissioned sculpture will be carefully packaged and shipped out ASAP following receipt of final payment. Shipping to anywhere in the US via USPS (usually First Class or Priority mail, depending on size) is included with the price, and shipping prices to other countries will vary based on size. Buyer is responsible for any customs charges for international shipments.

Pieces 8 x 10 inches or larger will be insured by default, and for smaller works you can request shipping insurance for a small additional fee. My sculptures are designed and packaged to ship safely and should arrive with no problems – I’ve shipped hundreds of sculptures through the years with no issues yet!

Creation/Sharing of Artwork:

While I generally sketch “privately” (I’m a shy drawer!), I will usually create the final paper sculpture artwork in public view, live on Twitch. I will also usually share what I’m working on via my social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and sometimes my website’s Blog page. If you’d like for your piece to be kept private, we can discuss that in the planning phase, and I may ask for an additional fee (to compensate for the downtime sharing new content on social media). An additional fee may also be required for artwork requests that may not be entirely “appropriate” for Twitch or other social media.


I retain the copyright for all artwork I create, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. You may share the work/post images to social media, etc, but may not use it for commercial purposes without first obtaining a license to do so. Price estimates above do not include any consideration of commercial reproduction rights. If you plan to use the art for commercial purposes, those rights are available for an additional license fee.

Depending on general appeal of the piece, I may offer prints of it to other buyers (but I will not directly reproduce paper sculptures, any commission will always be one of a kind) – if you do not want prints of the piece to be available to other buyers, you may request that for an additional fee.