Tuxedo Kitten in a Stocking – Paper Sculpture Christmas Ornament


“Tuxedo Kitten in a Stocking” (2017)

Original Paper Sculpture Christmas Tree Ornament

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Original Paper Sculpture Christmas Tree Ornament

Every Detail is created with cut paper!!!

This began with a drawing, which I used as a template to create the parts for the Paper Sculpture. Each piece is individually cut and shaped (curled, embossed, scored, folded, etc), then carefully and cleanly glued together to create the final image. Made from a high quality acid free and lightfast art paper (extended exposure to direct sunlight can still harm it).

Your sculpture may vary slightly from the ornament pictured – each will be hand crafted on order, and will differ in minor ways.

Overall size is around 4 x 2.5 inches (may be off by a small amount as it is hand-cut and assembled). This Paper sculpture ornament is under 1/2 inch deep.

This Paper Sculpture ornament can be displayed on a Christmas tree, or can be mounted in a shadowbox frame to protect it from damage and dust. (Due to shipping difficulties with shadowboxes with glass, I do not offer framing)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask!

THIS IS AN ACTUAL PAPER SCULPTURE – NOT A PRINT! This artwork is signed and dated on the back. Any watermark on pictures is not on actual sculpture.

Colors and brightness may vary depending on monitor settings (as a general rule, all artwork looks better in person than in pictures…).

Item will be very securely packaged to protect it during shipping. I use USPS to ship all items. Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is FREE! Shipping to Canada is $6.50. Everywhere else is $13.50 (If shipping is cheaper, I will refund any difference in actual shipping cost!).

If you want to ask me a question or have a comment, please feel free to contact me.

You are purchasing an original paper sculpture; all reproduction rights remain the sole property of the artist, all rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. Any copyright notice or watermark on images does not appear on original artwork.